About me

I’m a software engineer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.


After graduating from the University of Pretoria in 2015, I started my career in business analysis. I didn’t enjoy it much, learnt to code and never looked back.

You can read about my journey into tech here.

I’ve been fortunate to work for some of the most innovative companies in South Africa and with some super talented engineers. Recently self employed, spending most of my time building web & mobile applications for some great clients. I also work on some of my own products/projects.

I co-founded Bearing Gifts, a website that aims to help people find great gift ideas for friends and family. You can check it out here.

I write a lot of Ruby + Javascript : Typescript. I enjoy working with React, Node & Rails.

In my down time you’ll usually find me in the gym, at a coffee shop, or banging the latest Foals album in my study.